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About us | Hendrik Tolsma


Hendrik Tolsma – Technical service

My name is Hendrik Tolsma. Raised in Menaam and have been living in Jirnsum for 5 years. Every day I cycle toward Akkrum, where I am responsible for the maintenance and management of the park.

If you see the golf cart driving through the park, chances are that I am in it. My days consist of the maintenance of all homes, inside and outside. Is your TV malfunctioning, is a lamp broken or does the Jacuzzi not do what you hoped for? Contact me; I will be happy to help you! You will find my contact details in the information folder. 

In my spare time I can be found on the sports fields, where I like to encourage one of my 4 children in their sport; bouncing or soccer. Bouncing?! Is that not that game with that hard ball, and afterward the big party in Franeker? Exactly! I would also like to tell you something about that when the lamp or TV works again ;) 

We see each other at our beautiful park.