Precautions coronavirus

As a result of the developments regarding the coronavirus, we have taken the necessary precautions conforming to the guidelines of the RIVM and the government, and adjusted our service provision accordingly.

How does Tusken de Marren handle the coronavirus?

  • It goes without saying that we adhere strictly to the hygiene requirements of the RIVM both at the park and at reception.
  • Bookings are basically processed by us, according to our cancellation conditions (which do not provide for situations like this).
  • In order to accommodate for guests, people are allowed to move their bookings until 06-04-2020 to another period).
  • Cancellation is possible in case you have concluded a cancellation insurance yourself, in which case you will have to pay 90% according to our conditions.
  • Depending on the period to which you are moving your bookings, the difference will be charged to you, meaning you will receive money back if it is cheaper, or you will have to pay the difference if it is more expensive.
  • For bookings after April 6th, we will keep bookings as they are until the moment the government announces further measures.
  • In case of bookings through tour operators, we advise you to contact your tour operator.
  • We have no catering or general facilities, so the accommodations are simply opened and are far enough apart to counteract contamination.
  • The outdoors air is very good to your health anyway, so you are safe to come enjoy some fresh air with us, and enjoy all of the beauty offered by Friesland.
  • In case you change your stay, you will receive a voucher from the Booking Experts system, which you will be able to use for a booking later. It will remain valid for one year.

We wish everyone much strength, and we hope that the situation will normalize soon.