Precautions coronavirus

As a result of the developments regarding the coronavirus, we have taken the necessary precautions conforming to the guidelines of the RIVM and the government, and adjusted our service provision accordingly.

How does Tusken de Marren handle the coronavirus?

  • It goes without saying that we adhere strictly to the hygiene requirements of the RIVM both at the park and at reception.
  • In order to accommodate for guests, people are allowed to move their bookings until 20-05-2020 to another period).
  • Depending on the period to which you are moving your bookings, the difference will be charged to you, meaning you will receive money back if it is cheaper, or you will have to pay the difference if it is more expensive.
  • For bookings after 20-05-20, we will keep bookings as they are.
  • In case of bookings through tour operators, we advise you to contact your tour operator.
  • We have no catering or general facilities, so the accommodations are simply opened and are far enough apart to counteract contamination.
  • The outdoors air is very good to your health anyway, so you are safe to come enjoy some fresh air with us, and enjoy all of the beauty offered by Friesland.
  • In case you change your stay, you will receive a voucher from the Booking Experts system, which you will be able to use for a booking later. It will remain valid for one year.

We wish everyone much strength, and we hope that the situation will normalize soon.

Photo competition

Send the best picture of your holiday and win great prices!

Photo Contest Rules and Regulations

Send your best photos to and win some fantastic prizes!

The competition runs from June 20, 2020 to September 22, 2020.

Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren, Ljouwerterdyk 63, 8491 ML Akkrum, T: +31 (0)85 888 0520, E:

General provisions:
By participating in this Photo Contest, the participant accepts the full content of these rules and regulations. Entries that do not meet the conditions below will be excluded.

Who is allowed to participate?
• Participants who have spent a midweek, weekend or week at Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren.
• The participant must be the creator of the photo. Participating with material from third parties is not allowed.
• Employees of Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren are not allowed to participate in this competition.

How to participate?
• Participants may email their photos to
• Each participant may participate in the competition no more than once a month. Up to three photos will be accepted per participation. Participating for several months with photos from the same holiday is not allowed.
• Participants may only upload photos taken during their stay at Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren.

• The photos should be emailed in the highest possible resolution. The maximum size for each photo is 5MB. Only photos in .jpg, .gif or .png format will be accepted.
• Not allowed:
- Edits with Instagram or similar apps and programs
- Color filters
- Manipulated images, e.g. composed of multiple images, photos from which elements have been removed or which have been extensively edited with Photoshop or other photo editing software. Only simple color correction is allowed
• All images must show respect for nature, the community, and the local population.

Who wins?
• The jury, which consists of three members, will select ten photos to be nominated.
• The jury is composed by Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren. There is no recourse against the decision of the jury and no correspondence will be entered into concerning the results of the competition.

• 1st prize: Free weekend at Tusken de Marren (excluding (school) holidays)
• 2nd prize: Cheque worth €250 euro to spend at Tusken de Marren
• 3rd prize: Cheque worth €150 to spend at Tusken de Marren

• The submitted photos can be used by Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren for publication and promotional purposes, both online and offline, and without requiring any additional permissions or compensation.
• The participant is responsible for obtaining permission regarding the subject/content of the photo.
• The participant declares that people who are portrayed recognizably have no objection to being publicized and that the material depicted is not protected by copyright. Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren is not whatsoever liable for any claims or complaints arising from the infringement of any rights of third parties or damage suffered by third parties as a result of the subject matter or content of each respective entry.
• The participant declares that the material he/she sends by e-mail does not contain any viruses, spyware, or other malware. Any damage suffered by Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren as a result of any malware will be recovered from the person who sent the material.
• Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren has the right to amend the provisions included in these regulations.
• Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren and its assistants will keep the utmost confidentiality regarding the winner until the day that the winner is announed.
• The data of any participants of the "Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren Photo Contest 2020" will only be used within the framework thereof. This data will never be shared with third parties.
• No part of the content of this promotion and/or publication may be reproduced or published without the express written consent of Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren. No liability is accepted for the impact of changes, misprints or mistakes.

Privacy protection:
• Holiday Resort Tusken de Marren treats personal data as strictly confidential, with respect for your personal privacy (Act of 8 December 1992).
• A participant's details will be used to contact him or her if he or she is the winner of Photo of the Month and to announce the winner on the website and social media. Winners will be contacted by email or phone.

Send your best photos to and win fantastic prizes!