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From mobile home campsite in a beautiful location to a flourishing recreation park

Here you can read about how everything started long ago!

Mobile home campground contest

In 2008, the municipality of Boarnsterhim decided it needed to be redesigned. The first impression water sports enthusiasts would get upon entering the village had to be revamped. The municipal campground was sold after they had already sold the marina several years before. The sale of the campground happened through a transparent contest. Bidders were judged on price/quality, plan/development of the campground, overall vision for the area, space for mobile homes and experience in the recreational sector.


Rotteveel M4 and Buekenhout Investment

Bert Rotteveel, who grew up in Oude Schouw, used to cycle past the municipal mobile home campsite every day on his way to the RSG (secondary school) in Heerenveen. Somehow, he had always been fascinated by the campground. Since 1994, Bert has been professionally overseeing many projects that are under development by Rotteveel M4. So when the competition was launched in 2008 by the Boarnsterhim municipality, it was only natural that Rotteveel M4 should participate.

Udo de Goede of Beukenhout Investment was the first to congratulate Bert Rotteveel on the result. Udo very much wanted to participate in this beautiful project. That same year, when the financial crisis took hold, this collaboration became a reality and they continued the project together. 



In the end, the financial crisis caused much more damage than Bert & Udo could have anticipated. As a result, development took much longer than previously thought. Eventually, the park was developed further with more luxurious, brick and energy-neutral recreational homes, bringing it to a total of 96 homes.

Compared to the existing mobile home campground, there have been two expansions.

Expansion 1

The first expansion involved house numbers 61 to 70 and a section of mobile home camping, which was intended for those who would like to stay with a mobile home. This was promised earlier after all, but the condition was, according to the general conditions of RECRON, that one had to comply with the image quality plan of TDM within 5 years, to allow it to match style of the recreation park.


Master plan 2.0

As said earlier, both the vision and the area could be bigger. For this reason,recreation zone Akkrum contains a much larger recreation area to be worked out, which Bert is happy to work on to take the next step in the development of Recreatiepark Tusken de Marren.

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The 1960s

In the 1960s, the site of the current park was home to a municipal mobile home campground with the marina across from it. Both were named Tusken de Marren and were owned by the municipality through a foundation also called Tusken de Marren.

At the current location of the boathouse, at the front of the park, was a well-known outdoor swimming pool at that time that attracted many visitors.



In October 2008, the municipality of Boarnsterhim announced the winner: Rotteveel M4. Rotteveel M4 owner Bert Rotteveel was very happy and and came up with a great plan for the redevelopment of the existing campsite and an overall vision for the area. The announcement led to a lot of controversy because Rotteveel M4, a developer from Holland, was the winner. The news made it to Omrop Fryslân (TV) the same day, in which the alderman defended himself about the choice.


Master plan

Talks with the municipality of Boarnsterhim were initiated. The vision Bert and Udo had put on paper turned out to be "too modest. The municipality wanted to put Akkrum on the map as a recreational town. Partly because they had recently been named a recreational center by the province of Fryslân. Both the vision and area could increase. From then on, it was decided that a team of the municipality, province of Fryslân, marina (Drijfveer) and TDM Beheer BV would start working on a design for the master plan. This master plan was approved in 2010.

The master plan was followed by the zoning plan. A small zoning plan for the front part of the park was initiated first so that a start could be made there. Thinking that the municipality would like it to start with a somewhat cheaper product (so that the transition for mobile home owners would not be too big), 14 compact wooden chalets (Type Meine) were constructed at the front first.


There would eventually be 18 people moving, with a few more dropping out, so of the 18 spots, only a limited number would be occupied. Those who had moved did feel intimidated by the investment of a new caravan fitting within the image quality plan, so it was finally decided in 2019 to replace the last mobile homes with new lodges, in the form of house numbers 73-90.

After that, family houses 91/92, 93/94 and 95/96 were developed in 2022.

Management and letting

Management and letting is taken care of by TDM Beheer B.V., under its own brand name Tusken de Marren, using the Booking Experts system. In this way, TDM beheer B.V. is closely involved to keep everything on track for satisfied owners and guests. 


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