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Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

In many cases, you may benefit from a cancellation insurance. There are various circumstances, including health, accommodation, transport, or personal living and work situation, that allow you to use the cancellation insurance when they force you to cancel your trip or end it early:

· In case of a serious accident, serious illnessor the passing away of yourself, a family member (first and second degree) or someone you share your home with.

· In case of the passing away of a good friend during the trip.

· In case of the passing away of a family member (third degree).

· In case of damage to the booked accommodation.

· In case of (complications to) pregnancy after booking the trip.

· In case you are unexpectedly not allowed to get vaccinated due to medical reasons, while this is mandatory.

· In case of material damage to your property, accommodation or business buildings that requires your presence.

· In case your means of transport gets irreparably damaged during the journey to your travel destination.

· In case of irreparable damage to your means of transport or caravan/camper due to a collision, theft or fire.

· In case of unemployment within one month of the end of the trip.

· When starting a new job through the unemployment legislation.

· When receiving a new rental accommodation before the trip was supposed to begin.

· When buying a purchase accommodation. The accommodation gets delivered or transferred before your trip or during your trip.

· In case of a divorce after booking the trip.

· In case of an unexpected retake of an exam or test after your final exams for a multi-year school education.

· In case of unexpected rejection of a visa application.

· When your travel companion cancels with a valid reason, which would force you to travel alone.

· In case of unexpected assignment of an adoption child.

· In case of a donor operation.

· In case of theft or loss of travel documents on the day of departure.

· In case of unexpected cancellation of a component of the composed trip due to natural disasters, terrorism, domestic unrest, broken means of transport, strikes or overbooking.


P.S. Written evidence must be submitted in all cases.