Recreatiepark Tusken de Marren
Vacation park on the water


Frequently asked questions

Below you can find frequently asked questions and their respective answers. If your question is not answered below, you can of course get in touch with us or call the manager, Ms. N. Nijholt, at phone number 06-20106714.

Are pets allowed at recreational park Tusken de Marren 🐾

There are a number of accommodations that allow pets. You can find these accommodations by entering your pets in the party. Or click here for our selection of pet-friendly houses.

What time can I move into my accommodation? 🕒

You are welcome in your accommodation from 3 pm. If you arrive later than 17:00, we kindly ask you to contact the reception in advance via 0031 858880520.

How long can I take an option on an accommodation? ⏳

We can, depending on the occupancy level, offer you an option up to 48 hours.

What time do I need to leave my accommodation? 🕙

In general all accommodations have to be vacated by 10 am. You can also opt for a late check out, which allows you to leave your accommodation by 12 pm. This costs € 22,50 and is based on availability. Please ask at reception.

Is a deposit asked at recreational park Tusken de Marren upon arrival? 💶

For your stay at recreational park Tusken de Marren you are asked to sign an authorization. This is done upon arrival at the recreational park. If you have not caused any damage, the manager decides this after you leave, no money will be withheld from the authorization you made.

Arrival or departure days

If you want a different arrival or departure day or time, please call our office 085-8880520.

What is present in my accommodation? 🏠

All accommodations are standard fully furnished for the indicated number of people.

What is the maximum number of people in the accommodations? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The maximum number of people is indicated per accommodation on the website. Bringing more people than the accommodation is suited for is not allowed. This is for comfort and safety reasons. The holiday accommodations are furnished for the number of people indicated.

I accidentally made a double payment, what should I do?

Please contact our financial administration +31 85 999 0520.

Do you want to arrive outside changing days?

Please contact us via telephone number  +31 85 888 0520.

Why do you pay booking fees for your holiday?

The booking fees are a compensation for the costs that an organization makes in the work that they do.

How fast are you allowed to sail on the Meinesleat? 🚤

On the Meinesleat you can sail up to 7 km per hour. The Sneekermeer is about 15 minutes sailing. On the Sneekermeer there is a special area indicated where you are allowed to sail faster.

Can you fish at Tusken de Marren? 🎣

Yes, there are many fish in the Meinesleat and you can fish from your own dock. Of course, you can also hire a boat to go fishing a little further away. To be able to fish in the Netherlands, you need a Dutch fishing card (vispas).

What are the cancellation policies?

You can read the cancellation policy here.

Can I moor a boat at every accommodation? 🚣🏽

Most of our accommodations have a dock. If you want to be sure whether your accommodation has a dock, please contact our reception on +31 85 888 0520.

Can I rent a boat at Tusken de Marren? ⛵

In cooperation with you can rent a small motorboat, a whaly or sloop. Book your boat here. In addition to sloops and motorboats, you can also rent sailboats from our neighbours acroos the water. See Drijfveer rental.

Are there enough restaurants in Akkrum? 🍴

Yes, see surroundings on our website.