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About us

  1. About us

The team of recreation park Tusken de Marren

Recreation park Tusken de Marren was founded in 2010. The park has 72 homes, 42 of which are for rent. The park has 10 different types of homes, from chalets to bungalows. All this is led by a very strong team. We would like to introduce the team to you.


Sophia Eringa - park manager

My name is Sophia Eringa and I am the park manager of recreation park Tusken de Marren. As a child I grew up in Joure, near Akkrum. Friesland is therefore no stranger to me. Fortunately, after my Tourism studies in Zwolle, I was always able to travel a lot during my free time. I think it is an enormous wealth to be able to travel. After nine years of working abroad for a large German travel organization, I settled down at the reception of Tusken de Marren in Akkrum in the summer of 2020. Here I can make very good use of my experiences and people person characteristics. 

In five years' time, I still hope to be able to improve the park and continue to innovate. 


Karin van Slooten - assistant park manager

My name is Karin van Slooten and I am assistant park manager at recreation park Tusken de Marren. I am 26 years old and I grew up in Akkrum. Since December 2020 I can be found behind the reception of Tusken de Marren. I obtained my bachelor's degree in International Tourism Management at Stenden University in Leeuwarden. No two days are the same in the tourist sector, this is what makes working at Tusken de Marren so much fun, besides being a beautiful park of course! Because the work is so dynamic, you face new challenges every day.

I hope to learn a lot more here and to one day start my own Bed & Breakfast. 


Annika Zijlstra - assistent parkmanager

My name is Annika, I am 20 years old and I work at recreation park Tusken de Marren as an assistant park manager. In the summer you can find me among the children, because then I take care of the animation program. I follow the Design course at the art academy Minerva in Groningen. I am in my freshman year and really enjoy the creative people around me to brainstorm and collaborate with.

In five years' time I see myself with a diploma and I will be working as a designer. 


Sape Triemstra - groundskeeper

My name is Sape, I am 69 years old and I come from Ameland. I have been the groundskeeper of recreation park Tusken de Marren since 2012. Before this I worked with great pleasure as a cable-laying operator and as a landfill worker / dyke reinforcement worker. Together with Doede, I take care of all technical aspects of the park here. I also do other jobs such as keeping the park clean. From the moment the park was founded, I stood here with my caravan every summer and after two years I was asked to become a groundskeeper. I have been here every day since 2017. I like the freedom that I have here, I can plan everything the way I want. 

I really enjoy it here and therefore hope to be able to continue working here for a long time.


Doede van der Weide - technical services

I am Doede, 16 years old and I live in Jirnsum. I started working at recreation park Tusken de Marren in the summer of 2020, to earn extra pocket money and to gain more technical experience. Sape helps me with that, he has years of experience after all. My position at Tusken de Marren is therefore technical assistance. I really like this position and I really enjoy it here. In addition, I am in the exam year of Havo. Next year I want to study Financial, Tax and Advice at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden. 

In five years' time I hope to be at university in Amsterdam in order to become a tax economist.


Benthe de Jong - Reception/entertainment

My name is Benthe and I work at the reception desk at holiday park Tusken de Marren. I do entertainment work during the summer. I like to entertain children and to help people at reception. I've lived in Akkrum for 17 years and still like it there. In the village, I can be found at the bakery and spend a lot of time at the sports field as well.
Now that I have my diploma, I will start an education in creative business in Leeuwarden after the summer.
Five years from now, I hope to have traveled abroad and to have gained lots of experience.