Recreatiepark Tusken de Marren
Review policy

Review policy

Review policy

Why should you leave us a review?

We are curious about your experiences at our recreation park. And what's even more fun, we regularly have discount voucher raffles for guests who stayed with us and left a review!

How does Tusken de Marren check whether reviews are written by actual guests?

We use a closed loop system. This means that only guests who actually stayed at our recreation park receive an evaluation form upon departure. This means that people can not randomly leave a review on our website. The results of the evaluation form are processed in our system and can be placed on the website.

Are guests paid to leave a review?

We do not pay guests for writing a review.

How are the reviews ordered?

Reviews are shown from new to old.

How is the average rating calculated?

The average rating is based on all reviews shown on our website. The reviews are split up into 4 sub categories 1) reception 2) location recreation park 3) price/quality 4) cleaning.

How does Tusken de Marren process received reviews?

These reviews will be shared with the home owners for improvements, suggestions, or, for example, as a compliment on their holiday home you have enjoyed a stay in.

Are all reviews shown on the website or are reviews omitted?

Not all reviews may be shown online. If a guest abuses the review system, we can choose not to publish it. This is how we try to publish truthful reviews.