Vacation in Friesland

  1. Surroundings
  1. Watery surroundings
  2. Near chameleon village Terherne
  3. Akkrum, Grou and Sneek are nearby

Discover the province of Friesland

In addition to the facilities of holiday park Tusken de Marren, the area offers various options for outings and sightseeing as well. Friesland offers something for everyone, ranging from shopping to museum visits, from hiking or sailing trips to visiting a zoo or a maze. The town of Akkrum, in which Tusken de Marren is located, offers an exceptionally interesting range of shops for the village's size, both in terms of food and non-food.

It goes without saying that Friesland is the ultimate water province! This makes going on a boat trip a must during your vacation at Tusken de Marren. Tip: dock your boat along the way at one of the picturesque villages and get a taste of Friesland culture! Friesland is highly suitable for the true nature enthusiasts among us as well. The province offers several national parks and protected nature areas. Make sure to visit the great cities in the area as well, such as Grou or Sneek.

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