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Vacation home Friesland 2 persons

Holiday home in Friesland for two persons

  • 2-person holiday
  • On the water in Friesland
  • Cottage with sauna

Holiday home for 2 people in Friesland

When was the last time you went on holiday as a couple? Maybe way too long ago. Then it's about time! At Tusken de Marren, you can book a wonderful holiday home for 2. It's great, because this 2-person holiday home is fully equipped and on top of that has a private sauna. Here you can completely relax together, whether it's for a weekend or a longer stay. In addition to your partner, you can also take a friend, son or daughter or whatever company you want. Whoever you come with, in a holiday home in Friesland for 2 people you will experience a great holiday.

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3 nights
2 people

Knilles 2p.Luxury

Friesland, Akkrum
  • Sauna
  • Open kitchen
  • Covered terrace
  • Semi-detached house

Cottage with sauna for 2 people

A 2-person holiday home on Tusken de Marren is extra luxurious. This modern furnished house offers more than enough space with a living room, separate dining area, full kitchen, spacious bedroom and a bathroom. Through the French doors you enter the sunny terrace of this 2-person cottage. And as a bonus, the houses also have a sauna. If requested, you can also book this house with your dog. Enjoy a house with a sauna for 2 people!

Why Tusken de Marren?

  • In the heart of Friesland
  • Right on the water
  • Peace & space
  • A short distance from Frisian cities

Impression of a holiday home in Friesland for 2 people

What to do together in Friesland?

Of course it's very tempting to stay in your 2-person cottage with sauna all day, especially in that sauna. But then you'll miss all the beauty that Friesland has to offer. For example, you can rent a boat from us and take a trip on the Frisian Lakes. Tip: bring something to eat and drink, so you can stop for a picnic along the way. Anyone who thinks that Friesland consists only of water is wrong. There's also plenty of places to hike or cycle, for example in De Alde Feanen National Park. In terms of culture, you will find what you are looking for in Frisian cities such as Sneek or Leeuwarden. Looking forward to experiences all of this? Then book a 2-person holiday home in Friesland.


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