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  • Recreational home on the waterside
  • Private jetty
  • For 4-8 people

Buy recreational home on the waterside

Do you want to buy a recreational home on the waterside? Then a vast majority of the holiday homes of Tusken de Marren in Akkrum, Friesland are a great fit for you! You can enjoy beautiful lakes and inland waters here. You also have the opportunity of sailing with a (sailing) boat. But if you want more action, you can also participate in various activities such as water skiing, wind or kite surfing or catamaran sailing.

Enjoy the waterside in Friesland

Recreational park Tusken de Marren has a unique offering of recreational homes many of them on the waterside. There are five types, with the names Eneva, Coopersburg, Opfeart, Boarne and Knilles. Each home has a unique front and a characteristic appearance. Type Coopersburg for example is a rectangular accommodation with a unique nautical front. This accommodation type offers you the opportunity of mooring your boat in a private harbor basin. Type Opfeart on the other hand is a luxury square home with a sea of space and multiple large windows. This allows you to always view the water and green surroundings from inside the home.

Curious about the accommodations?

Because of the beautiful waters in Friesland we have chosen to equip all accommodations with a private jetty. Here you can moor a boat or just relax at the waterside. From the jetty on the Meinesleat you can go in many directions. For example you can walk in a few minutes to the center of Akkrum, where you can step from the boat onto a terrace or sail on the Sneeker lake or Pik lake. There are also various activities all year round in and around Akkrum, such as city walks, markets and festivals.

Buy recreational home on the waterside?

Do you want to know more about the layout, the facilities and the opportunity to sublet your recreational home? Plan a visit.

Home 93/94

For sale: 14-person family home

Anker 93/94

This recently delivered, and therefore almost new detached 14-person home at recreation park Tusken de Marren will become available! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The home has a beautiful location at the back of the park, with a view over the fields. The home is next to water, which can be sailed through in the future when a park extension is realized. The garden and patio at the back side of the home face southwest. You can enjoy yourself under the porch extension with a nice glass of wine until late in the evening here. When the weather is bad, you'll enjoy the luxury and great view through the large, tall windows in the living room inside.  The home is equipped with solar panels, a heat pump, and is off the gas grid.

All in all, a very sustainable investment in a beautiful location in Friesland!