Recreatiepark Tusken de Marren



Are you in the mood for a delicious barbecue? That is possible here, too! Three charcoal barbecues are available for rent at the park. Inquire at reception for the possibilities.

In collaboration with Butcher Spijkerman, we also offer the option to order a tasty meat package (gas barbecue optional). There are various combination options (meat, fish, vegetarian, baguette, salads, sauces, etc.) If you place your order at reception, we will make sure it is ready in the refrigerator of your holiday accommodation on the desired day. Let the feast begin! (delivery on Sundays and public holidays are not possible). Inquire at reception regarding the possibilities.

If you have already decided, please place your order with us right away using the form below 👇🏼

BBQ package - Rugged men

€16.95 per person
  • Seasoned bacon
  • Chicken thigh skewer
  • Spare rib
  • Fryske burger
  • Sirloin steak

BBQ package - Ladies

€10.00 per person
  • Chicken fillet skewer
  • Lady hamburger
  • Steak skewer
  • Marinated fillet steak

BBQ package - Kids

€5.95 per person
  • BBQ sausage
  • Hamburger
  • Children's skewer

Festively packed in a special kids box with a present!

BBQ package - Vegetarian

€23.95 per person
  • Plant-based cheeseburger
  • Vegetable skewer
  • Vegetarian shaslick
  • Vegetarian BBQ sausage
  • Free-range egg salad
  • Raw vegetable salad
  • Freshly finished baguette
  • Herb butter
  • Satay sauce
  • Sauce trio

BBQ - Salad package

€23.95 each (suitable for 3 - 5 persons)
  • 400 grams Russian egg salad
  • 400 grams free-range egg salad
  • 300 grams satay sauce
  • 1 trio container of sauces (cocktail, garlic and barbecue)
  • 1 freshly baked baguette
  • 1 container of herb butter

BBQ - Salad package

€23.95 each (suitable for 3-5 persons)
  • 400 grams of Olena's salad
  • 400 grams of free-range salad
  • 300 grams of satay sauce
  • 1 triple tray of sauces (cocktail, garlic, and red sauce)
  • 1 freshly baked baguette
  • 1 container of herb butter

Is there anything you like? If so, go ahead and send us your order using the form below 👇🏼

A delicious baguette with a special herb butter marinade. This bread is freshly baked for you. 1 baguette is suitable for about 3 to 4 people.
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