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Discover Friesland: also especially during Fall and Winter! 💙

  1. Discover Friesland: also especially during Fall and Winter! 💙

Friesland, you are so beautiful!

That is undoubtedly what you will think at the end of a vacation in Friesland during the Fall or Winter. We have known this for a long time, but we also want to help you get acquainted with our province during this time of the year. Friesland may not be the first destination you think of traveling to during the Fall or Winter, but trust us: it is definitely worth the visit! Be surprised by the calm and space in our province, especially during the Fall and Winter. Discover hidden pearls, go on a culinary and cultural journey and get to know Friesland in a new light.

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Are you coming on a journey through Friesland?

The eleven cities of Friesland. Famous because of the Eleven Cities Tour, but the cities are more than just that! Do you know in which city this wintery picture was taken?
Get some fresh air at the Frisian Wadden coast, and yes the sunset is also picture perfect during Fall and Winter!
Go on a long Fall hike through the forest, for example through the forests of Beetsterzwaag. You can also go mountainbiking here!
Frisian sugar bread, not very healthy, but so delicious! Especially after a long hike!

Tusken de Marren: the perfect location for your vacation in Friesland

Holiday homes on the waterside

At our holiday park all holiday homes are located next to the "Meine Sleat". You are literally staying in the heart of the Frisian lakes.

Central in Friesland

From the picturesque Akkrum you are always near all highlights of Friesland. By car, by boat, by bike or by foot!

Frisian discovery tour

Tusken de Marren is the perfect starting point for your discovery tour of Friesland. We love to help you visit the most beautiful places in the surroundings.

It giet oan!

Will we ever hear these words again? Friesland is forever tied to ice skating and the Eleven Cities Tour. If you were born in Friesland then you will have learned to ice skate almost before you learned to walk, this is how deeply it is rooted in the culture. Has it been freezing a lot? Get your ice skates out of storage because it is inevitable: this is the ultimate Winter activity in Friesland. Apart from ice skating on natural ice there are also multiple opportunities to go indoor ice skating. There are beautiful rinks both in Thialf in Heerenveen and in the Eleven Cities Hall in Leeuwarden. But we know: outside on the natural ice, while ice skating through a wintery landscape, who wouldn't fall in love with Friesland?

Eleven Cities Tour

Did you already know this about the ultimate tour?

➣ The first Eleven Cities Tour was held on January 2nd, 1909

➣ The tour is 200 kilometers long

➣ King Willem-Alexander participated when he was 18 years old while using the name W.A. van Buren

➣ The Eleven Cities Tour was started to get from city to city during the Winter because it was too slippery to go by horse cart

➣ The Tour itself was even held during the Second World War, in 1941 and 1942

➣ During the hardest Tour in 1963, when it was freezing 18 degrees Celsius, only 69 out of the 9294 participants managed to finish

Friesland: the whole world in one province!

Have you been inspired to visit Friesland during the Fall or Winter? On the website of Visit Friesland you can find more fun tips to get the most out of your vacation. But be warned: once you have seen how beautiful Friesland is during this time it will work like a magnet. You will want to return time and time again. Because during every visit you will discover new places and bring Friesland closer into your heart. At Tusken de Marren you will find a nice home base for your adventure in Friesland!

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