Tusken de Marren
Holiday home with a fishing pier

Holiday home with a fishing pier

  • Holiday resort in the heart of Friesland
  • Luxury holiday homes with a jetty for fishing
  • Directly on open boating/fishing waters

Holiday home with a jetty for fishing in Friesland

Is fishing your favorite hobby? Or do you enjoy hours of boating and floating on the water? Then a waterfront holiday home at Tusken de Marren is your next holiday destination. At our holiday resort, you can rent a cottage with a jetty for fishing, so you can cast out your fishing line at any time of the day. All of our holiday homes are situated at the open water of the Meinesleat. Head south to the Sneekermeer and north to the Pikmeer. In short: the perfect fishing holiday or boating holiday in the heart of the Frisian lakes. Simply moor your (rented) boat at your holiday home with a jetty in Friesland.


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Holiday homes with jetty(1)

3 nights
2 people

Anker 14p. Spa

Friesland, Akkrum
  • Sauna & Sunshower
  • Outdoor spa
  • On the waterfront
  • Panoramic view

Rent a home with a jetty for fishing

At Tusken de Marren, all bungalows have a jetty for fishing. Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast on your patio while enjoying a breathtaking view over the water. Then cast your fishing line from the garden of your holiday home with a jetty for fishing and be surprised by all the fish swimming around in the Meinesleat. Be sure to take a boat out to see what the Frisian lakes have to offer in terms of fish. This boat can easily be moored at your holiday home with a jetty in the Netherlands.

Besides the spacious garden, large terrace and a private jetty, the interior of your holiday home will also allow you to enjoy the ultimate holiday feeling. The homes are luxurious and stylishly furnished, offer space for 2 to 8 people, and are equipped with all modern conveniences. Some water villas even offer a hot tub, sauna or fireplace.


Your holiday home with a jetty:

🔹 Suitable for 2 to 8 people

🔹 2, 3, or 4 spacious bedrooms

🔹 Bookable with a sauna and hot tub

🔹 Spacious garden with mooring/fishing jetty

🔹 Located on open water

🔹 Free WiFi and parking


Holiday home with a jetty: 3 tips on what to do

Tip 1 - Go fishing for a day
. Renting a cottage with jetty for fishing naturally invites you to practice your favorite hobby all day long: fishing! The Meinesleat is full of fish, but the nearby Frisian lakes will amaze you as well. We'll tell you in advance: the Sneekermeer lake is known for its good opportunities to catch Zanders. You can also catch a silver bream, common roach and ide from your bungalow with a jetty for fishing.

Tip 2 - Explore the Frisian lakes
Combine a day of fishing with a day of sailing! After all, you are staying in a holiday home with a jetty for a reason. Bring your own boat or rent a boat at the resort and discover the Frisian lakes. Indeed, you can rent a motorboat, rowing boat or sloop at our resort. However, thanks to the boat ramp at the resort, you could also easily put your own boat into the water. And after a day's sailing, you can moor your boat at your holiday home with a jetty.


Tip 3 - Visit the lovely Frisian cities
You are looking for a holiday home witha jetty in the Netherlands, because you love the water. Nevertheless, we highly suggest you discover Friesland on land as well. A visit to the nice towns and villages of Grou, Akkrum, Sneek and Terherne should not be missed. Of course, at the end of the day, you can still cast out your fishing line at your holiday home with a jetty for fishing.


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