Tusken de Marren

Sustainable recreation

Tusken de Marren is committed to sustainability!   🌱

Green Key is the ultimate international certification for sustainable companies in the recreation and leisure sector and business market. Companies that have a Green Key certification are seriously and verifiably engaged in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and care for the environment, the company, and their surroundings. Tusken de Marren is proactively committed to doing more for the environment than required by law and regulations.

The program is managed by the 'Foundation for Environmental Education'.
Carried out in Denmark and in The Netherlands by 'Stichting Keurmerk Milieu, Veiligheid en Kwaliteit.' A third party with independent judges carries out the inspections; this party is 'Groen Belicht.'

Tusken de Marren got its bronze Green Key in 2022, and we are very proud of this!  🏆

How can you contribute to this yourself?

🚆 You can travel using public transport during your holiday, for instance. Akkrum has a train station at a short distance from our park;

🧣 Turn the heating down a few degrees and wear a comfortable sweater;

💡 Don't forget to turn off the lights when leaving the bathroom or toilet, when you go to bed or for example when leave the accommodation (including the outdoor light);

🚮 Limit your plastic waste and buy locally (bakery, butcher, cheese store or at various farms in and around Akkrum where regional products are offered);

💧 Use water sparingly and shower shorter, for instance.


Do you have ideas yourself for making our organization even more sustainable? Share your ideas with us 👇🏼